Inaugural Lectures


Spring Semester 2017

University of Zurich, main building, entrance Rämistrasse 71, main lecture hall 

February 20

5 pm

Prof. Dr. Benjamin Hale, Förderungsprofessor/DP mit MeF
Institute of Medical Virology

Rewiring of Host Cells by Influenza Viruses

February 20

7.30 pm

Prof. Dr. Titus Neupert, Assistenzprofessor 
Department of Physics

A cosmos of emergent particles in crystalline solids

February 27
6.15 pm

Prof. Dr. Marcello Porta, Assistenzprofessor
Department of Mathematics

Universality in flatlands

March 20
5 pm

PD Dr. Olaf Steinkamp 
Department of Physics

The Eyes of the Particle Physicist

April 8 

11.15 am

Prof. Dr. Holger Dressel, Assistenzprofessor/DP mit MeF
Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Prevention Institute

Arbeits- und Umweltmedizin – zwischen Individuum und Gesellschaft

May 13

10.00 am

Prof. Dr. Michael Krützen, Ausserordentlicher Professor
Department of Anthropology

Adaption durch genomische und kulturelle Evolution

13. Mai

11.00 am

PD Dr. Anna Kristina Lindholm
Department of Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studies

Harnessing Selfish Genes

15. Mai

5 pm

PD Dr. Laure Weisskopf
Department of Plant and Microbial Biology

Der Duft von Bakterien und seine Wirkung auf Pflanzen und Pilze

22. Mai

7.30 pm
Prof. Dr. Theofanis Karayannis, Assitenzprofessor/DP mit MeF
Brain Research Institute

Brain development: putting the brakes on

Fall Semester 2016


 University of Zurich, main building, entrance Rämistrasse 71, main lecture hall 

Monday, October 10

18.15 Uhr 

Prof. Dr. Jaiyul Yoo, SNF-Förderungsprofessor 

Institute for Computational Science 

General Relativistic Effects in Cosmology 

Monday, November 21

17.00 Uhr 

Prof. Dr. Joop Vermeer, SNF-Förderungsprofessor

Plant and Microbial Biology

Talking with the neighbours: Understanding spatial accommodation
during plant development.

Monday, November 28

17.00 Uhr

Prof. Dr. Jason P. Holland, SNF-Förderungsprofessor

Department of Chemistry

Radiochemistry – from elements to imaging

Monday, November 28

18.15 Uhr 

Prof. Dr. Massimo Lopes, Ausserordentlicher Professor/DP mit MeF 

Institute of Molecular Cancer Research 

Spying on the enemy: visualizing DNA replication stress in cancer onset and therapy

Monday, December 12

19.30 Uhr 

Prof. Dr. Csaba Földy, Förderungsprofessor/DP mit MeF 

Brain Research Institute 

Towards the Molecular Logic of Brain Circuits 

Monday, December 19 

17.00 Uhr 

Prof. Dr. Michael Baudis, Ausserordentlicher Professor

Institute of Molecular Life Sciences

Cancer Genome Data Analysis: Why, Which, When, Whereto?

Spring Semester 2016


 University of Zurich, main building, entrance Rämistrasse 71, main lecture hall 

Monday, 22 February 


Prof. Dr. Jordi Bascompte 

Department of Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studies 

Structure and robustness in ecological systems 

Monday, 29 February 


PD Dr. Pavel Mnev 

Institute of Mathematics 

BV pushforwards and exact discretizations in topological field theory 

Monday, 7 March 


Prof. Dr. David Tilley 

Department of Chemistry 

Artificial Photosynthesis: Fuels from Sunlight 

Monday, 7 March 


Prof. Dr. Lucio Mayer 

Institute for Computational Science 

Unveiling the origin and lives of supermassive black holes; beacons of galaxy formation and messengers of the nature of gravity 

Monday, 21 March 


Prof. Dr. Devis Tuia 

Department of Geography 

Interpreting images with more than images 

Monday, 4 April 


Prof. Dr. Jean-Pascal Pfister 

Department of Neuroinformatics 

How does the brain compute? 

Monday, 9 May 


Prof. Dr. Nicole Joller 

Institute of Experimental Immunology 

"Wie das Immunsystem sich selbst reguliert" 

Fall Semester 2015

The inaugural lectures take place at UZH's main lecture hall at Rämistrasse 71 (City Campus). 

Saturday 10 October,  11:15am
PD Dr. Andreas Borgschulte, Department of Chemistry
"Der Teufel steckt im Detail: Nanochemie für die Energiewende"

Monday, 19 October, 6:15pm
PD. Dr. Martin Baumgartner, Institute of Molecular Life Sciences
When and how cells migrate: Mechanisms underlying tumor cell dissemination

Monday, 26 October, 5:00pm
PD Dr. Patrick Laube, Department of Geography
From Patterns to Processes – Bridging the Semantic Gap in Computational  Movement Analysis

Monday, 9 November, 5:00pm
Prof. Dr. Kai Niebert, Associate Professor/DP with PHF, Teacher Training for Upper Secondary Schools
Science Learning in the Anthropocene

Monday, 16 November, 5:00pm
Prof. Dr. Hanna Kokko, Full Professor, Department of Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studies
"Sind Männchen unvermeidbar?"

Monday, 16 November, 6:15pm
Prof. Dr. Martin Müller, SNSF Assistant Professorship, Department of Geography
"Die sieben Todsünden in der Planung von Grossveranstaltungen"

Saturday, 5 December, 11:00am
PD Dr. Judith M. Burkart, Anthropological Institute
"Doppeltes Vermächtnis –Zur Evolution unserer kognitiven Fähigkeiten"

Monday, 7 December, 5:00pm
PD Dr. Michal Kapustka, Institute of Mathematics
Calabi-Yau manifolds

Monday, 14 December, 7:30pm
PD Dr. Pavel Janscak, Institute of Molecular Cancer Research
DNA Repair and Cancer