Sustainability at the Faculty of Science

The Faculty of Science continually strives to strengthen its sustainability profile.

At the Faculty Assembly of May 2013, the Sustainability Committee of the VSUZH, as agreed with Prof. Dr. Michael Hengartner, expressed the wish to establish a working group for sustainability at the Faculty of Science. This led to the formation of a group of highly motivated professors, postdocs, PhD candidates, and students with the common goal of motivating the various departments and the faculty as a whole to integrate sustainability considerations into their activities.

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Members of the Working Group for Sustainability at MNF

Lastname Firstname E-Mail Institute
Backhaus Norman Mailadress Geography, TP/PD representative
Furrer Reinhard Mailadress Institute of Mathematics
Hall Marcus Mailadress Department of Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studies
Nauer Céline Mailadress Physics Institute, student representative
Petchey Sara Mailadress
Sanchez Marcelo R. Mailadress Paläontologie
Sigel Roland K.O. Mailadress Department of Chemistry
Tilley David Mailadress Department of Chemistry