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MNF - Top News

MNF - Top News

Tuesday 05. August 2014
Category: Biology

New at the Faculty of Science: Prof. Frédéric Guillaume

Evolutionary geneticist Frédéric Guillaume is a SNSF professor and has started his research at the Faculty a couple of months ago. Guillaume comes from the French part of Switzerland, is an active member of a rowing club. He is...more

Monday 04. August 2014
Category: Biology

Genetischer Bauplan von Brotweizen entschlüsselt

Pflanzenbiologen der Universität Zürich haben gemeinsam mit Forschenden eines internationalen Konsortiums eine vorläufige Gensequenz für jedes Chromosom von Brotweizen entschlüsselt. Diese Vorstufe zum vollständigen Genom...more

Monday 04. August 2014
Category: Allgemeines

Martin Jinek is this year's John Kendrew Award winner

The 2014 John Kendrew Young Scientist Award was today awarded to biochemist Martin Jinek, an SNF assistant professor at the University of Zurich, during the EMBL 40th Anniversary Reunion in Heidelberg, Germany. The EMBL...more

Monday 04. August 2014
Category: Biology

Why animals conceal sickness symptoms in certain social situations

Animals have the ability to conceal their sickness in certain social situations. According to a new review, when given the opportunity to mate or in the presence of their young, sick animals will behave as though they were...more