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MNF - Top News

MNF - Top News

Wednesday 30. September 2015
Category: Physics

UZH-Physicists take important leap which may lead to new drug design.

Jean-Nicolas Longchamp from the Fink-Group at the Institute of Physics produces the first nanometer resolved image of individual tabacco mosaic virions. His work may lead to new drug design.more

Monday 21. September 2015
Category: Chemistry

Symposium: From Solar Light to Chemical Energy: A Look into the Future

The University Research Priority Programm "Solar Light to Chemical Energy Conversion" organizes an international symposium that will look into the future of possibility to convert solar light into energy.more

Monday 21. September 2015
Category: Allgemeines

Neu: Studieren im Major- und Minorsystem an der MNF

Dank des eben eingeführten Major- und Minorsystems, können Studierende neu die 8 MNF-Hauptfächer frei mit den 16 MNF-Nebenfächern kombinieren. more

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