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MNF - Top News

MNF - Top News

Friday 12. December 2014
Category: Physics

Kosmos-Ausstellung im Museum Rietberg mit Film von Ben Moore

Heute öffnet die Ausstellung Kosmos-Ausstellung im Museum Rietberg. Gezeigt wird neben Originalschriften von Kopernicus, Kepler, Galileo auch ein Film von UZH-Astrophysiker Ben Moore. Moore erläutert im Film "A History of...more

Friday 05. December 2014
Category: Biology

The innate immune system condemns weak cells to their death

In cell competition the strong eliminate the weak, thereby ensuring optimal tissue fitness. Molecular biologists at the University of Zurich and Columbia University have now demonstrated that the innate immune system plays a key...more

Friday 28. November 2014
Category: Biology

New at the Faculty of Science: Prof. Florian Altermatt

SNF-Professor Florian Altermatt works at EAWAG and has picked up his research at the Faculty of Science a couple of month ago. He could live his passion for biology already at a very young age because of his tolerant...more

Friday 28. November 2014
Category: Biology

Mass extinction led to many new species of bony fish

With over 30,000 species worldwide, the ray fins are currently the largest group of fish. These bony fish were not always as numerous, however. Losses of other fish species, such as cartilaginous fish, helped them to spread...more