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MNF - Top News

MNF - Top News

Wednesday 06. May 2015
Category: Geography

SF Einstein, 7. May, 21.00 hrs: Terrestrial Laser Scanning of the Forest Architecture in the Masoala Hall (Zürich)

Swiss TV accompanied UZH-Geographer Felix Morsdorf on testing his 3D scanner in the Masoala hall of the Zurich Zoo. Morsdorf's goal is to make sure that his instruments will support the heat and humidity they are going to be...more

Saturday 25. April 2015
Category: Biology

#NewProfessor: Ecologist and hobby magician Jordi Bascompte

Ecologist Jordi Bascompte has joined the Faculty of Science at the beginning of this year. In his research the new full professor focuses on species interactions and mutual dependences among species and investigates the web of...more