Access with Macintosh


In the Finder select the Go menu:

 Finder Go menu


Connect to Server

Click Connect to Server...

Connect to Server ...


Server and computer name

  1. Enter the protocol, server and computer name:
  2. smb:// and click Connect
Connect to Server


User name and password

Once the server has been found you have to authenticate yourself.

  1. Name: uzh\yourshortname (type "\" with Shift-Alt-7)
  2. Password: Your Active Directory password (see AD)
  3. Click Connect
Connect to Server



  1. Under the newly connected drive you'll find the folder containing pictures of your ceremony (e.g. 2015-03-13)
  2. Depending on the degree you'll see the Master or PhD folder
  3. People with awards will find their photos in the Auszeichnungen (Awards) folder (only they have personal access to this)
  4. Anyone can access the "Impressionen" (impressions) folder
  5. You can drag and drop the photos to your computer.
Copy photos to your computer