Access with Windows

Open File Explorer

  1. Open File Explorer (Windows key-e)
  2. Select This PC
  3. Click the Map Network Drive button in the ribbon menu under the Computer tab
Map network drive
Map Network Drive


Map network drive

  1. In the Map Network Drive tab enter the server and enable name in the Folder field:
  2. \\\promotionsfeier
  3. and mark the field Connect using different credentials
Connect using different credentials


Enter Network Credentials

Here you have to authenticate yourself with your Active Directory Account. The user name is the same as your short name. But the password does not necessarily have to match your OLAT, VPN or Eduroam password (see ITIM).

  1. Enter the domain and your short name, for example uzh\yourshortname
  2. Password in Active Directory
  3. Click OK
Enter Network Credentials



  1. A new File Explorer opens, and under the connected drive you'll see a folder with the photos of your ceremony (e.g. 2015-03-13)
  2. Depending on the degree you'll see the Master or PhD folder
  3. People with awards will find their photos in the Auszeichnungen (Awards) folder (only they have personal access to this)
  4. Anyone can access the "Impressionen" (impressions) folder
  5. You can drag and drop the photos to your computer.
Open File Explorer