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04.10.2012 09:57

Venezuela Paleontologica

8 Million years ago in Urumaco in Northwestern Venezuela.

The University of Zurich palaeontologist Marcelo Sánchez has edited the book Venezuela Paleontológica, in Spanish, aiming at a general public. This is the first book about Venezuelan extinct fauna and flora, all summarized in 22 chapters, written by numerous authors, many from the University of Zürich. It is a synthesis of the fossils from Venezuela, including new discoveries on fossil plants and animals of all kinds, from ammonites to dinosaurs.

The book is profusely illustrated with 102 original pictures and drawings. It serves as an introduction to the origin of the large diversity of biological regions of Venezuela, such as the Andes or the Caribbean coasts, or the famous Tepuys in the Amazonian region that so fascinated Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Many of the new discoveries discussed in the book have been made by the editor and his colleagues, such as those of giant crocodylians and rodents from 5 million years old rocks.

This book will aim at educating Venezuelans about their own palaeontological riches, part of a world-heritage. Workshops for teachers in Venezuela will serve to teach evolutionary biology and patrimonial care in that country and facilitate the exchange and mutual education with Zurich researchers and students, given past and planned expeditions and excursions with the University of Zurich.

The book can be bought at the Museum of Zoology and Palaeontology and at the Irchel store.

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