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25.11.2013 15:02

Annual meeting of the Palaeontological Association

From 13th  to 16th December 2013, the annual meeting of the Palaeontological Association will be held at the University of Zurich.

The Palaeontological Association is one of the most influential palaeontological societies worldwide. Although based in Great Britain, it has numerous members scattered over the planet and many in mainland Europe (including about ten in our institute). Therefore, there are always non-British council members and each third year, this meeting is held in a town outside Great Britain (examples: 2004: Lille; 2007: Uppsala; 2010: Ghent).

With respect to topics and participants, this is an international conference, covering all fields in palaeontology worldwide. On the first day, this meeting starts with a symposium on “Fossilised ontogenies and evolution” with invited speakers. The second and third days are devoted to the scientific talks, usually 12 + 3 minutes per talk with two parallel sessions. On the last day, one day-fieldtrips are organised (one to Meride, Ticino and one to the Sauriermuseum Aathal).

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