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26.08.2015 11:47

Camillo De Lellis receives Caccioppoli prize

Camillo De Lellis was awarded this year's Caccioppoli prize. It is the most prestigious prize of the Unione matematica italiana and is awarded every four years to a mathematician of italian origin who is not older than 38 in the year previous to the one of the award.

Camillo De Lellis received the Caccioppoli award for is important contributions to the Calculus of Variations,Geometric Measure Theory, Fluid Dynamics and Systems of Conservation Laws.

The laudatio especially mentioned  Prof. De Lellis outstanding work on the existence of anamalous solutions to the incompressible Euler equations (results obtained with L. Székelyhidi), a new proof of the regularity of minimal surfaces in codimension higher than one, joint with E. Spadaro and the  results on Systems of Conservation Laws. In particular those with L. Ambrosio and F. Bouchut on the wellposedness of the so-called Keyfitz-Kranzer systems and those with G. Crippa, which develop an alternative approach to the DiPerna-Lions theory on the uniqueness of solutions to transport equations with very irregular coefficients.

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