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19.10.2015 11:21

World Statistics Day at Campus Irchel: The many faces of Big Data @UZH

Join the panel discussion "The many faces of Big Data @UZH" tomorrow between 3 and 4 pm at Campus Irchel.

The second World Statistics Day -  www.worldstatisticsday.org - takes place 

on October 20. Statistics Professor Reinhard Furrer organizes a few activities

in the Lichthof of the Irchel Campus: poster presentations and

screen animations starting from 9am, lunch activities, etc.

Between 3 and 4pm a panel discussion about 'The many faces of Big Data @UZH' is featured (Irchel Campus, Winterthurerstrasse 190, 03-G-95, streamed to the Lichthof Irchel).  

Discussants are Carolin Strobl (Psychology), Michael Schaepman (Geography), Ralph Schlapbach (FGCZ), Joachim Stadel (Computational Science) and Renato Pajarola (Informatics). The panel is moderated by science journalist Beat Glogger. Discussions can be continued during the apero afterwards.

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