ERC 2022 Consolidator Grant Call

The ERC 2022 Consolidator Grant call (ERC-2022-CoG) is open for submissions. Deadline for proposals is the 17th of March 2022

ERC Consolidator Grants are typically awarded for five years with a funding of EUR 2 million and should enable promising candidates (PhD obtained 7 to 12 years prior to 1.1.2022) to increase scientific independence and to build up or strengthen their own group and direction.

If you are interested in applying for an ERC CoG, please contact

Although Switzerland is not associated to Horizon Europe at the moment, the Swiss State Secretariat for Education and Research SERI currently recommends that ERC Consolidator Grants 2022 are prepared as if applicants with a Swiss host institution were from an associated country. It will probably only be known shortly before the deadline whether Swiss organisations are eligible as “host institutions”. SERI is keen on having Switzerland fully associated to Horizon Europe as soon as possible. Should the association not happen in time, SERI will assign the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) to develop transitional solutions for the ERC Consolidator Grant 2022