American Physical Society Honors Titus Neupert as Outstanding Referee for 2019

Titus Neupert

APS has selected 143 Outstanding Referees that have demonstrated exceptional work in the assessment of manuscripts published in the Physical Review journals.

Instituted in 2008, the Outstanding Referee program annually recognizes approximately 150 of the currently active referees for their invaluable work. Comparable to Fellowship in the APS and other organizations, this is a lifetime award. The selection this year was made from 30 years of records on over 71,000 referees who have been called upon to review manuscripts, including more then 40,000 that were submitted in 2018. The basis for the Outstanding Referees selection takes into account the quality, number and timeliness of a referee’s reports, without regard for membership in the APS, country of origin, or field of research. 

The Faculty of Science congratulates Titus Neupert for his selection as Outstanding Referee.

Eunice Toro, APS + Calista Fischer, Faculty of Science