Gender Equality Event: Where are all the women?

leaky pipeline

Why are there so few female professors and senior academics in biology, an what can we do about it?

Lets Redress the Leaky Pipeline

20th November 2017
13.15 pm to 16.00
ETH Sonneggstrasse 3, 8092 Zürich
Lecture hall ML H 37.1



13.15 - 14.00Seminar by Dr. Rhonda Snook from the University of Sheffield, UK
14.00 -  14.30 Coffee break
14.30 - 14.45 Talk by Honorata Kaczykowski-Patermann, ETH Equal
14.45 - 15.00 Talk by Sara Petchey, University of Zurich, Gender Equality Committee
15.00 - 16.00 Group discussion and workshop
16.00 Apéro

The event is open to  all staff and students of ETH Zürich and University of Zürich. The event will focus on the Biological sciences, but participants from all STEM fields are welcome. We will have a coffee break after Dr Snook's seminar and an Apero from 16:00.

The event is free, to help with catering please register via email to Jessica Stapley by 06.11.17

Calista Fischer