Make Irchel Greener - submit your ideas

Make Irchel Greener

Make Irchel greener! A friendly competition organized by MNF for UZH students (including PhDs).  Call for project proposals

The Faculty of Science wishes to take steps to improve sustainability in the Irchel Campus

The Sustainability committee of MNF invites applications of proposals to support a project that would bring specific and visible action to improve sustainability at the Irchel campus.

We are looking for well-designed projects that can be implemented within one year and for which a prize of maximum CHF 4’000 for its application is offered. Please provide a 2 page proposal, in English or in German, which explains the goals and application of the proposal, including a budget, a timeline, and involved people.

Members of the sustainability committee can be contacted for advice, and one of them will be assigned as advisor for the project (

Please send your application until 19. March, 2018 as pdf to the following address: 
Prof. Marcelo Sanchez

Evaluators: Sustainability Committee MNF
Decision: 30. March, 2018
Implementation of Project: May 2018. 

Calista Fischer