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Shaping the future

The City of Zurich and UZH's Main Building (upper left side).
Join us in shaping the future. The University of Zurich (UZH) is Switzerland’s largest and most diverse university covering all fields of natural sciences, medicine, law, business and economics, social sciences and arts. We belong to the «League of European Research Universities» which consists of Europe’s top universities and enjoy a global reputation for excellence in fundamental research in the areas of life sciences, geo sciences and medicine. We strive for excellence in research and teaching and are committed to contributing to the greater good with our research and education. Scientists consistently find outstanding research opportunities here, an inspiring out-of-the-box thinking mentality and an international atmosphere on all academic levels. 
Founded in 1833, the roots of the University of Zurich reach back to the the year 1525 when in the course of the Reformation the humanistic Collegium Carolinum was established. The same open-minded and forward-moving spirit is still driving us. We have a long tradition of educating and recruiting outstanding scientists: Albert Einstein, Erwin Schrödinger, Charles Weissmann and Rolf Zinkernagel have been among them.  
Every two weeks a patent is submitted, and every two months a spin-off is developed by our researchers. The close links beween University and University Hospitals provide unique opportunities for fundamental,  preclinical and clinical studies. We have a long and successful track record in fundamental research in all natural sciences and mathematics. 

Being a researcher in natural sciences at the University of Zurich

Research and education are highly valued by society and politics in Switzerland. Stable public funding allows our researchers to focus on what they do best: conducting ground breaking research and teaching.  As a constitutionally self-organized and self-managed University, our professors are entrusted with freedom and responsibility.  Combined with the forward moving mentality of the University of Zurich,  a uniquely creative atmosphere is created where ground-breaking research flourishes.  

We are an equal opportunity, family and dual career friendly employer.

Living and working in Zurich

Switzerland is the country with the highest ratio of Nobel Prize winners per capita, and Zurich is the economic heart of this small but astonishing country. The city of Zurich is a beautiful and vibrant place with deep historical roots and an intense cultural life ranging from world class art museums to small theaters. Zurich has the second highest living quality worldwide; it is safe, clean, and multilingual, has outstanding public transportation and excellent childcare and schools. Its main train station and international airport make Zurich a hub for train and air travel across Europe and the globe.

Some figures

  • 7 Faculties
  • over 20’000 students, among them over 3000 in natural sciences
  • over 5000 PhD students, among them over 1400 in natural sciences
  • over 700  professors, among them over 180 in natural sciences (including double professors with medicine)
  • teaching body over 4800, among them over 590 in natural sciences