All communication of the Faculty of Science is based on the communication concept of the UZH and the Faculty’s guidelines. In addition, the Faculty emphasizes the following points:

  1. The Faculty of Science practices targeted and level-appropriate communication with internal and external partners.
  2. Internal target groups include all students and employees of the Faculty of Science.
  3. The Faculty’s most important external target groups on both a national and international level consist of the research community (publishing in peer reviewed journals), the readers of professional journals as well as the general public.
  4. The dean acts as the general representative of the Faculty of Science in its dealings with other faculties, the executive board of the university, and the public.

Key Message

The Faculty of Science is a leading research and teaching institution at the international level in the fields of mathematics and science.

Communication Goals

The University of Zurich’s achievements in research and teaching in the field of natural sciences and mathematics attain high national and international visibility and recognition.

Communications Office

The Faculty’s communications officer supports members of the Faculty of Science in the implementation of the communication concept and the achievement of the communication goals.