We strive to motivate all MNF community members to Make Irchel more Sustainable!


“Make Irchel More Sustainable!” Grant Program

The “Make Irchel More Sustainable!” (MIMS) Grant supports members of the UZH community (students and staff) who want to improve sustainability at the Irchel Campus. It is joint initiative of the Dean and Sustainability Committee of the Faculty of Science to promote active citizenship and social and environmental awareness in our Irchel community. Successful applicants can receive up to 5,000 CHF to implement small-scale sustainability projects. Previous grantees include the Irchel Nature Trail team and the Irchel Student Garden team.

Proposed projects can focus on any aspect of sustainability (environmental, social or economic) and could, for example, suggest improvements to campus infrastructure or practices, scientific or social events, new tools or resources, and more. Be innovative! Important: the projects should be feasible and concrete. We are looking for well-designed projects that can be implemented within about one year, and we support the implementation of these projects with up to CHF 5’000. For more information on applying, please download the document “MIMS Grant Program Description (PDF, 70 KB)”.


Send the application to : Mrs. Sara Petchey at

Members of the MNF Sustainability Committee - contact us for coaching on your project ideas

Lastname Firstname E-Mail Institute/Function
Adamek Julian Mailadress Institute for Computational Science
Chang Johan Mailadress Department of Physics
Furrer Reinhard Mailadress Department of Mathematics
Hall Marcus Mailadress Department of Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studies , FFL representative
Krützen Michael Mailadress Department of Evolutionary Anthropology
Lhasam Tenzin Peldon Mailadress Department of Physics
Michel Annina Mailadress Department of Geography , FFL representative
Mihaljevic Morana Mailadress Science Lab UZH , Representative of admin./tech. staff
Natter Perdiguero Anton Mailadress Department of Chemistry , WNW representative
Petchey Sara Mailadress Office of the Dean
Santos Maria J. Mailadress Department of Geography
Sigel Roland K.O. Mailadress Department of Chemistry , Dean
Tilley David Mailadress Department of Chemistry
Tuncay Isik Mailadress , WNW representative