Honors and Distinctions in 2001

Amann Herbert, Full Professor of Mathematics,was elected as a foreign corresponding member of the Spanish Royal Academy of Sciences.

Prof. Dr. Brinkmann Detlef, Professor Emeritus of Experimental Physics, received the 2001 NQI Award. This distinction was conferred on him at the "XVIth International Symposium on Nuclear Quadrupole Interactions (NQI)" in Hiroshima, Japan.

Prof. Dr. Hajnal Alex, Assistant Professor of Zoology, won one of 23 EMBO Young Investigator Awards from the European Molecular Biology Organization.

Prof. Dr. Heimgartner Heinz, Associate Professor of Organic Chemistry, was awarded the "The University of Lodz in Service of Science and Society" medal by the Academic Senate of the Universität Lodz.

Prof. Dr. Kubli Eric, Associate Professor of Zoology, was appointed Permanent Guest of Honor of ETH Zurich in recognition of his efforts to establish the Swiss Study Foundation and make it flourish.

Prof. Dr. Müller-Böker Ulrike, Associate Professor of Geography, was elected by the Federal Council to serve on the Swiss National Commission for UNESCO for the 2001-2003 term.

Schneitz Kay, START Fellow and Research Associate at the Institute of Plant Biology, was presented with one of 23 EMBO Young Investigator Awards from the European Molecular Biology Organization.

von Balthazar Maria, doctoral student and assistant at the Institute of Systematic Botany, received the Maynard F. Moseley Award from the Botanical Society of America at the "Botany 2001, plants and people" conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA.

Prof. Dr. Weissmann Charles, Professor Emeritus of Molecular Biology with a focus on chemistry and genetics, received the 2001 Koetser Prize awarded by the Betty and David Koetser Foundation for Brain Research. He was also chosen as the first recipient of the Friedrich Baur Prize for medical research, for which he received DM 100,000 from the Friedrich Baur Foundation.