Honors and Distinctions in 2002

Prof. Dr. Amann Herbert, Full Professor of Mathematics, was presented with an honorary doctorate by the Universidad Complutense in Madrid in recognition of his scientific work.

Prof. Dr. Bosshard Andreas, Research Associate at the Institute of Environmental Sciences, won the Goldene Lerche prize from the MUTStiftung für menschen-, umwelt- und tiergerechte bäuerliche Landwirtschaft (Foundation for People-, Environment- and Animal-friendly Rural Development).

Prof. Dr. Briegel Hans, Adjunct Professor of Zoology, was presented with the Distinguished Achievement Award for outstanding leadership in Medical Entomology by the Society for Vector Ecology of America.

Brühlmeier Tobias, Buser Benjamin, Vieli-Platzer Natalie, graduands at the Department of Geography, were each awarded a prize for their theses by the Swiss Society for Applied Geography.

Prof. Dr. Burg Jean-Pierre, Full Professor of Geology, was awarded the Prix Viquesnel 2002 by theSociété Géologique de France.

Prof. Dr. Endress Peter K., Full Professor of Systematic Botany, was appointed Corresponding Member of theAmerican Society of Plant Taxonomists. He was awarded the 2002 McBryde Professorship of Tropical Botany by the National Tropical Botanical Garden, Kauai, Hawaii, USA.

Gautschi Barbara, Assistant at the Institute of Environmental Sciences, won the 2002 poster prize at the Annual Symposium of the Swiss Zoological, Botanical and Mycological Societies.