Honors and Distinctions in 2005

Prof. Dr. Douglas Rodney, Full Professor of Theoretical Neuroinformatics, was honored with the 2004 Fritz Kutter Prize for a project he supervised entitled "Adaptive Building Intelligence." 

Prof. Dr. Hafen Ernst, Full Professor of Zoology, and Professor Ulrich Hartl of MPI Munich were jointly awarded the EUR 250,000 Ernst Jung Prize for Medicine. Dr. Hafen was also elected President of ETH Zurich.

Prof. Dr. Hamm Peter, Associate Professor of Physical Chemistry, won the "Pnevmatikos Award in Nonlinear Science."

Prof. Dr. Hector Andrew, Assistant Professor of Environmental Sciences, received the 2005 International Recognition of Professional Excellence Prize (IRPE) from the Ecology Institute in the area of Terrestrial Ecology. 

Prof. Dr. Heimgartner Heinz, part-time Associate Professor of Organic Chemistry, was recognized for his outstanding research work in the area of heterocyclic chemistry and his contributions towards the understanding of heterocycles with the 2005 Kametani Award.

Prof. Dr. Kägi Jeremias, Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry, was honored at the 5th International Conference on Metallothionein in Beijing, China, for his fundamental research in the conference's subject area by being named both Honorary Chairman and first plenary speaker. 

Prof. Dr. Keller Lukas F., Assistant Professor in Animal Evolutionary Biology, was named P.L. Wright Distinguished Conservation Biologist in 2005 by the University of Montana in Missoula, Montana, USA.

Prof. Dr. Plückthun Andreas, Full Professor of Biochemistry, and his team were awarded the 2005 W.A. de Vigier Prize in their role as founders of the start-up company "Molecular Partners." This prize is awarded to recognize highly innovative technologies with great economic potential. He and his team also received the 2005 Swiss Technology Award.

Rothenbühler Christine, and Müller Urs, both doctoral students in the Department of Geography, tied for best presentation at the Phil. Alp conference entitled "The Alps seen by young scientists – young researchers present the findings of their theses within the scope of the National Research Programme NRP 48."

Seidl Kati, graduand at the Limnological Station of the University of Zurich, was awarded the Zurich Limnology Prize by the Hydrobiological-Limnological Foundation for Water Research (Hydrobiologie-Limnologie-Stiftung für Gewässerforschung) at the previous annual meeting of the Swiss Society for Hydrology and Limnology for her thesis entitled "Characterization of phototrophic bacteria in Egelsee (Switzerland) and in Lake Shira (Khakasia, Russia)."

Prof. Dr. Straumann Professor Emeritus of Theoretical Physics, was awarded an honorary doctorate by the Faculty of Science of the University of Berne.

Tasdemir Deniz, Research Associate at the Institute of Organic Chemistry, was presented with the 2005 Egon Stahl Award (silver) in recognition of her outstanding research work in the area of pharmaceutical biology by the Society for Medicinal Plant Research Society for Medicinal Plant Research. The Phytochemical Society of Europe also awarded her the 2004 Pierre Fabre Prize for her work in the areas of phytochemistry and plant biochemistry.

Prof. Dr. Thompson Alan B., Full Professor of Petrology, was elected as Fellow of the World Innovation Foundation. 

Prof. Dr. Wehner Rüdiger, Full Professor of Zoology, was elected as an Honorary Foreign Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. He was also presented with an honorary doctorate by the Humboldt University of Berlin.