Honors and Distinctions in 2006

Allgöwer Britta, Assistant Professor at the Department of Geography, was recognized by the government of the Canton of Grisons within the scope of the Bündner Kulturpreis 2006 (2006 Grisons Cultural Prize) in appreciation of her research work in the area of natural sciences, particularly her work in setting up the Geographic Information System for the Swiss National Park. 

PD Backhaus Norman, Privatdozent, and Müller Assistant in the Department of Geography, were presented the 2006 Swiss Transdisciplinarity Award for their project "The Power of Images – their Creation, Reproduction and Strategic Use in the Shaping of Alpine Future." 

Becher Paul, doctoral student at the Limnological Station of the University of Zurich, was awarded this year's prize for water research by the Zurich Hydrology-Limnology Foundation (Zürcher Hydrologie-Limnologie-Stiftung) at the annual meeting of the Swiss Society for Hydrology and Limnology. The prize was awarded in recognition of his dissertation on the topic of "Insecticidal and cholinesterase-inhibitory bioactivity of Indole alkaloids from benthic freshwater cyanobacteria of the genera Fischerella and Nostoc."  

Prof. Dr. Bernoulli Daniel, Professor Emeritus of Geology, was awarded the Francis J. Pettijohn Medal "For Sustained Excellence in Sedimentology" by the Society for Sedimentary Geology. He also received an honorary doctorate from the University of Lausanne.

Bredenbeck Jens, Research Associate at the Institute of Physical Chemistry, was presented the Sofja Kovalevskaja Award by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. This prize is coupled with funding of EUR 1.05 million.  

Endress Peter K., Full Professor of Systematic Botany, received a Centennial Award from the Botanical Society of America. He and three other prizewinners were also awarded the 2006 Stebbins Medal for their book "Phylogeny and evolution of angiosperms." 

Prof. Dr. Haeberli Wilfried, Full Professor of Geography, specializing in Physical Geography, was named Membro Straniero by the Istituto Lombardo, Accademia di Scienze e Lettere, Milano.

Prof. Dr. Hengartner Michael, Full Professor of Molecular Biology, was honored with the 2006 National Latsis Prize by the Swiss National Science Foundation. His research on threadworms yielded fundamental insights on the functioning of cells. 

Marazzi Brigitte, Research Associate, was presented the Katherine Esau Award by the Botanical Society of America for the lecture she gave at the Botany 2006 congress in Chico, CA, USA.

Prof. Dr. Martinoia Enrico, Full Professor of Plant Biology, was chosen to continue his adjunct professorship at Postech Universität in Pohang, South Korea, for another period. 

Städler Yannick, Research Associate, was presented the Maynard Moseley Award by the Botanical Society of America for the lecture he gave at the Botany 2006 congress in Chico, CA, USA.

Prof. Dr. Wehner Ruediger, Professor Emeritus of Zoology, was conferred honorary membership in the German Zoological Society.