Academic Career Development

The faculty has been able to substantially increase the percentage of junior researchers, in particular by providing support with submissions for SNSF career funding schemes (Ambizione, PRIMA and Eccellenza). The faculty also supports junior researchers from its own funds via the following mechanisms:

  1. Supporting the departments with the creation of assistant professorships;
  2. Supporting the departments with the creation of individual part-time professorships and adjunct professorships for external junior researchers;
  3. Improving the standing of adjunct professors (independence from professorial chairs);
  4. Posting part-time professorial positions. 

Research Funding

Research funding at UZH's Faculty of Science is awarded in the form of personal or project funding. It is designed to support junior, advanced, and established researchers. Particular weight is given to the promotion of junior scholars.

Funding opportunities for junior academics

Career funding schemes of the Swiss National Science Foundation

Funding for Projects