University Research Priority Programs


The Faculty of Science is proud that its departments lead four university research priority programs and collaborate in three others.

Research Priority Programs Led by MNF

Adaptive Brain Circuits in Development and Learning (Prof. Esther Stoeckli, Prof. Fritjof Helmchen)

Evolution in Action: From Genomes to Ecosystems (Prof. Beat Keller, Prof. Ueli Grossniklaus)

Global Change and Biodiversity (Prof. Michael Schaepman, Prof. Bernhard Schmid, Prof. Owen Petchey)

Solar Light to Chemical Energy Conversion (Prof. Roger Alberto)

Research Priority Programs involving MNF

Translational Cancer Research (Prof. Lars French, Prof. Konrad Basler)

Language and Space (Prof. Robert Weibel, Prof. Ross S. Purves)

Dynamics of Healthy Aging (Prof. Robert Weibel)

Former Research Priority Programs involving MNF

Asia and Europe (Prof. Ulrike Müller-Böker, Prof. Norman Backhaus, Prof. Benedikt Korf)

Systems Biology/Functional Genomics (Prof. Jiricny, Prof. Konrad Basler, Prof. Beat Keller, Prof. Ueli Grossniklaus, Prof. Anne Müller)