Project: Gender Equality in Professorial Appointments Processes

Gender Equality

Project: Gender Equality in Professorial Appointments Processes

Academia is faced by the problem of the so called “leaky pipeline’ with female professor numbers remaining relatively low (numbers for the MNF). To improve the situation at the University of Zurich, the Faculty of Science UZH (MNF) is running the project, “Gender equality in Professorial Appointment processes” from 2013 to 2016.

Measures and Action Points

Within the projekct measures have been developed which are aiming at generating more highly competitive applications from women for professorschips and at counteracting inadvertent bias in the professorial appointment procedure.

  1. Implementation of gender equality standards for compositioof structure and search committees
    • 2+ female professors on all committees
  2. Increasing the number and proportion of women applicants
    • Gender balanced list of possible candidates, consideration of gender issues in advertisement and head hunting
  3. Professional development regarding unconscious bias in faculty searches
    • Raising awareness of the influence of unconscious biases (workshop, leaflet, 1-page CV, criteria list)
  4. Strengthening a culture of esteem that is compatible with academic excellence
    • Emphasizing successful examples (e.g. financial support of conferences, etc. featuring at least 50% women guest speakers)
  5. Ensuring continuation of gender mainstreaming
    • MNF committee for gender equality
  6.  Creation of part-time professorships


Leaky pipeline
The leaky pipeline 2006-2015: percentage of women (MNF)

Gleichstellungsmonitoring, Bericht 2015, UZH