MNF Gender Equality Committee

Duties of the Ad Hoc Gender Equality Committee

The Faculty of Science's ad hoc Gender Equality Committee advises the Faculty Assembly, the Faculty Committee, and the Faculty Dean on matters relating to gender equality in appointment and preferment procedures, and in other areas not covered by the central UZH Gender Equality Committee. The committee conducts projects autonomously or on behalf of the Office of the Dean or the Faculty Assembly.


The ad hoc Gender Equality Committee's main responsibilities involve coordination in the following areas: 

  • Supporting and monitoring professorial appointment and preferment procedures within the Faculty of Science;
  • Organizing and assisting in the organization of Faculty of Science information events on topics such as unconscious gender bias, best practice gender measures, etc.
  • Promoting family-friendly working conditions;
  • Sharing of information among subject areas in matters of gender equality;
  • Cooperation between the Faculty of Science's Gender Equality Committee and the UZH Gender Equality Commission.

The creation of the ad hoc Gender Equality Committee was approved on 14 April 2016 by the Faculty Assembly.

Members of the Ad Hoc Gender Equality Committee