MNF Gender Equality Committee

Our Priorities

The Faculty of Science's Gender Equality Committee advises the Faculty Assembly, the Faculty Committee, and the Faculty Dean on matters relating to gender equality in appointment and promotion procedures, in the faculty and campus culture, and in other areas not covered by the central UZH Gender Equality Committee.

Our priorities include:

  • Innovating and monitoring professorial appointment and promotion procedures within the Faculty of Science;
  • Confronting and counteracting unconscious gender bias in all aspects of science research and teaching;
  • Tracking the career paths of our students and scientists inside and outside of academia;
  • Promoting family-friendly working conditions;
  • Close cooperation between the Faculty of Science's Gender Equality Committee and the UZH Gender Equality Commission.

The creation of the ad hoc Gender Equality Committee was approved on 14 April 2016 by the Faculty Assembly.

Members of the Ad Hoc Gender Equality Committee

Lastname Firstname E-Mail Department/Function
Beppi Carolina Mailadress Department of Neurology, PhD Student, Permanent guest
Caflisch Amedeo Mailadress Department of Biochemistry
Conti Elena Mailadress Department of Systematic and Evolutionary Botany
Duran Ramirez Jessy Jomary Mailadress Department of Molecular Life Sciences, Student representative
Fabrikant Sara Irina Mailadress Department of Geography
Gibert Gutiérrez Marta Mailadress Department of Physics
Gilland Lutz Karin Mailadress Gender Equality and Diversity, Permanent guest
Indiveri Giacomo Mailadress Institute of Neuroinformatics
Kohler Ines Mailadress Office of the Dean, Management
Kresch Andrew Mailadress Department of Mathematics
Mante Valerio Mailadress Institute of Neuroinformatics
Mihaljevic Morana Mailadress Science Lab UZH, Representative of admin./tech. staff
Patzke Greta R. Mailadress Department of Chemistry
Petchey Sara Mailadress Office of the Dean, Management
Sigel Roland K.O. Mailadress Department of Chemistry, Dean
Stoeckli Esther Mailadress Department of Molecular Life Sciences, Chair
Tantardini Elena Mailadress Department of Quantitative Biomedicine, WNW representative
Zuppinger-Dingley Debra Mailadress Department of Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studies, FFL representative