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Gender equality

Fachstelle Gleichstellung: Fachstelle Gleichstellung, Kanton Zürich, Direktion der Justiz und des Innern (not available in English)

Fachstelle für Gleichstellung: Fachstelle für Gleichstellung, Stadt Zürich, Präsidialdepartement (not available in English)

STRIDE: Committee on Strategies and Tactics for Recruiting to Improve Diversity and Excellence, University of Michigan

Implicit Association Test: know your own implicit attitudes and stereotypes

Tutorials for Change: Gender Schemas and Science Careers (Virginia Valian, Professor of Psychology, City University of New York)

Science Europe, Practical Guide to improving gender equality in research organisations.

What Works: Gender Equality by Design, Harvard University

Facebook Managing Unconcious Bias

Article about mentoring in Science

Woman in science - Nature

EOS: A Mountain of Molehills Facing Women Scientists

Promotion of young scientists and scholarships

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Childcare Centres for the children of University members Zürich

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The schools of Zurich city
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