«I think, therefore I am.»

Anna Beliakova

Prof. Dr. Anna Beliakova
Mathematician, Low-Dimensional Topology.  


1985 - 1990 Degree in physics from Minsk, Belarus
1990 - 1994 Dissertation in physics, Free University of Berlin, Germany
1995 - 2004 Postdoc in mathematics, Universities of Strasbourg, Berne and Basel
2003 Habilitation, University of Basel, Switzerland
2004 - 2009 SNSF Professorship, mathematics, University of Zurich
Since  2010 Full professor in mathematics, UZH

Prof. Dr. Anna Beliakova

What do you like about your job?
Research has always been something I've enjoyed. I moved from theoretical physics to mathematical physics to mathematics. I've got a great position here. The assistant professorships offered by the Swiss National Science Foundation are unparalleled – particularly for women with families. I can assemble my own research group and have fewer teaching obligations than I would in a regular professorship.

Did you experience any dry spells or disappointments in your career? How did you overcome these?
In maths research you’re always pushing yourself to the limit and that's never easy.

How do you maintain your work-life balance?
My husband and my two children make sure that I keep one foot firmly planted in reality.

Do you have any advice for young, ambitious female researchers?
You need creativity, hard work, curiosity, persistence and an ability to learn from your failures. You set out on an academic career path because you want to do and research something - not because you want to become a professor.

Institute of Mathematics
University of Zurich
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Tel. +41 44 635 58 91
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