Mathematician Corinna Ulcigrai honored with Brin Prize

Corinna Ulcigrai

Corinna Ulcigrai was awareded the prestigious Brin Prize 2020. The award honors young mathematicians and is considered as the most important award in the field of dynamical systems.

The Brin Prize in dynamical systems is awared for an outstanding impact in the theory of dynamical systems or in related fields. The Prize recognizes mathematicians  who have made substantial impact in the field at an early stage of their careers

Mathematician Corinna Ulcigrai is awared the Brin Prize 2020. The ceremony will take place in 2021 due to the coronavirus situation. Ulicigrai is the first female to receive the Brin Prize which was launched in 2008.

The Faculty of Science congratulates Corinna Ulcigrai to this prestigious award.


Calista Fischer