Gravitational waves become tangible


Physicists at the UZH developed an exhibit that can be used to make the phenomenon of gravitational waves understandable to laypersons.

Gravitational waves detection has been a milestone in the history of astrophysics and revolutionised our way to study the Universe.
But how do gravitational waves form? The public can now have a look into this phenomenon through a new installation hosted by focus Terra ETHZ until March 2023 in frame of the special Exhibition ‘Waves, dive in’.

The installation has been developed by the Physics Department (Prof. Prasenjit Saha and Prof. Philippe Jetzer) and the Science Lab UZH (Dr. Silvia Garbari) as a part of their joint science communication project “The irresistible attraction of gravity”, financed by SNF AGORA. The project aims to stimulate the interest of the general public for gravity, a force dominating the evolution of our Universe and the latest impactful research results in this field. An important aspect of the project is the use different communication strategies to make science accessible for people with disabilities.

From March 2023 on, the installation will be displayed at Science Exploratorium UZH

The initiators express their thanks to Reto Meier, Chris Albrecht (Mechanical) and Achim Vollhardt (Electronic) of the Physics Department workshops for their valuable work.



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