Highly cited researchers: Clarivate publishes 2020 list of most influential researchers


21 UZH scientists are among the world's most frequently cited researchers, 14 of whom belong to or are associated with the Faculty of Science.

Every year, Clarivate compiles a list of the most frequently cited and thus most influential researchers in the world on their Web of Science. With 21 researchers who have made it onto this prestigious list, the UZH is the most successful university in Switzerland.

The Faculty of Science congratulates its researchers and those associated with the Faculty on this success:

Prof. Jordi Bascompte
Prof. Laura Baudis
Prof. Bernd Bodenmiller
Prof. Damien R. Farine
Prof. Enrico Martinoia
Prof. Titus Neupert
Prof. Damian Szklarcyk
Prof. Marcel Van der Heijden
Prof. Christian van Mering
Prof. Cyril Zipfel

Prof. Burkhard Becher
Prof. Melanie Greter
Prof. Milo A. Puhan

Prof. Ruedi Aebersold



Calista Fischer