Mathematician Laure Saint-Raymond joins Faculty as Hedi Fritz Niggli visiting professor

Mathematikerin Laure Saint-Raymond

Mathematician Laure Saint-Raymond will - starting in September 2016 for a six month period - join the Faculty of Science as Hedi Fritz-Niggli visiting professor.

The University of Zurich’s Code of Conduct Gender Policy confirms the University’s commitment to the balanced representation of women and men in all functions and bodies and attaches specific importance to increasing the proportion of women professors at UZH. In order to heighten the visibility of women professors as role models for junior women academics, the University of Zurich has introduced the Hedi Fritz-Niggli visiting professorship to attract high-profile women professors as visitors at UZH from other universities world-wide.        
With Prof. Laure Saint-Raymond for the first time a mathematician holds a Hedi Fritz Niggli visiting professorship.

Calista Fischer