Swiss Bridge Foundation awards Dr. Alexa Burger and Prof. Christian Mosimann with 250'000 Swiss Franks

Swiss Bridge Award

Dr. Alexa Burger and Prof. Christian Mosimann received a Swiss Bridge Award for their study regarding the modelling of rare tumors on the in zebrafish. 


For the first time Swiss Bridge Award was awarded to fundamental zebrafish research

The Swiss Bridge Foundation has doubled the award sum this year on the occasion of its 20th anniversary. This year, the award is dedicated to the study of rare cancers.  In total four research groups received an award. In Switzerland the project from  Alexa Burger and Christian Mosimann has raced to the top.  

Mosimans group examines the molecular formation mechanisms of chordomas. These are rare and slow-growing tumours which develop from the vestiges of the so-called notochord – the embryonic predecessor of the spinal column. Mosimann’s team has found that the chordomas of zebra fish are quite similar to those of human beings in many aspects – and they would now like to use this animal model in a new project to decode the disease incidence and to identify possible therapeutic targets.


Mosimann ans his team are proud to be the first group ever receiving a Swiss Bridge for fundamental research in zebrafish. Mosiman hopes that this will help to rise the awarness of the importance of modelorganism  for biomedical research.


The Faculty of Science congratulates the winners. 


Calista Fischer