Interessiert an Naturwissenschaften

Dear prospective students

Natural scientists and their creativity play a very important role in terms of exploring the world, developing new and improved ways of solving problems, and making sure our society keeps progressing. The Faculty of Science at UZH has many strengths: You have a very broad range of study programs to choose from, and interesting possibilities when it comes to combining them; relations between students and instructors are uncomplicated; and your studies involve elements of research from an early stage.

UZH and its Faculty of Science rank among the best research establishments in the world. With the most recent research findings immediately incorporated into teaching, you can be confident that you'll be trained on the basis of the latest insights in your field. You'll benefit from innovative study programs, some of them unique, and state-of-the-art research and training labs. Thanks to our major/minor system you'll have the option of earning 120 ECTS credits for your major study program and 60 ECTS credits for a minor study program; but it's also possible to earn 150 or even the entire 180 ECTS credits necessary for your Bachelor's degree in your major. We're committed to looking after our students well and making sure they receive individual support. There are also other advantages to studying at a full-fledged university like UZH: Thanks to interdisciplinary programs, some of them cross-faculty, you'll get to know different intellectual approaches and be exposed to a variety of different research cultures.