ECTS credits

One ECTS credit is equivalent to roughly 30 hours of work by a student. At the undergraduate (Bachelor's) level you earn ECTS credits by attending lectures, practical courses and training, and by doing the relevant independent study. At the graduate (Master's) level you also earn ECTS credits for active participation in and work for seminars, and for independent research. In the course of full-time studies you will earn around 30 ECTS credits each semester.


Bachelor's and Master's study programs are structured by modules. You complete eachmodule with an assessment or exam. Each successfully completed module earns you a specified number of ECTS credits. ECTS credits are recognized within the «European Credit Transfer System» , allowing you to do individual training modules at other institutions of higher learning in Europe and earn credits for them.
A module may comprise one or more courses (for example a lecture and practical courses or training).

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