Major Study Programs (Single Major and Major)

Majors (Majors Study Programs or Single Majors Study Programs)

You can choose from the following study programs at undergraduate (Bachelor's) level:

Chemistry and Business Studies
Earth System Science

Studying under the Major and Minor System

To obtain a Bachelor's degree, you have to complete studies earning you a total of 180 ECTS credits (see "ECTS credits"). Bachelor's students at UZH's Faculty of Science can opt for either a single major study program or a combination of study programs. The major/minor system allows you to combine a main study program (major) with one or a maximum of two minor study programs and have them stated on your Bachelor's degree. In the Faculty of Science, it's generally possible to complete combined studies without extending the three-year (six-semester) standard period of study.   

You have the following choices:

▪ Single major (180 ECTS credits)
▪ Major (150 ECTS credits) plus a second minor (30 ECTS credits)
▪ Major (120 ECTS credits) plus a first minor (60 ECTS credits)
▪ Major (120 ECTS credits) plus two second minors (30 ECTS credits each). This combination is no longer available from the fall semester 2021.

Most Bachelor's study programs can be completed with a single major (180 ECTS credits) or with a major earning 150 or 120 ECTS credits. The study programs in biochemistry, earth system science, and chemistry and business studies can only be studied as a single major. Biomedicine can be studied as single major and major with 150  ECTS credits. When applying to study, you must register for a single major or a combination of study programs. However, given that the schedules for the major programs are identical in the first year, and minor study programs generally don't commence until the third semester, you will have the opportunity to review your decision during your first year of study. You can change the combination of study programs yourself with each semester enrollment. However, it's important to make sure that the correct combination of study programs is specified by your last semester at the latest. Please also note that if you choose minors from other faculties, particularly the Faculty of Economics, Business Administration and Informatics, modules will only count toward a minor if you are enrolled for the minor in question.

Download Study Information Brochure

The information brochure "Science and mathematics: Bachelor's and Master's programs at the University of Zurich's Faculty of Science" (German only) provides information on the study programs, the way studies are set up and structured, our faculty, and the most important people to contact. You'll also find tips on how to choose what to study, and information on other offerings for students.


Faculty of Science Study Information Brochure