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MNF - Top News

MNF - Top News

Friday 22. August 2014
Category: Biology

The roots of human altruism

Apes hardly ever act selflessly without being solicited by others; humans often do. What has caused this curious divergence, which is arguably the secret to our species’ unparalleled suc-cess? A team headed by an anthropologist...more

Friday 22. August 2014
Category: Biology

Special Exhibit: «Don’t panic! Fear from head to toe»

Throbbing heart, goose pimples, sweating – we all experience and dread fear, without really understanding this emotion. Why is the fear reaction actually beneficial? Can animals also be scared? How does fear develop and how does...more

Friday 22. August 2014
Category: Chemistry

Aug. 24- 28: 12th European Biological Inorganic Chemistry Conference

Having taken place the first time 1992 in Newcastle, UK, the European Biological Inorganic Chemistry Conference (EuroBIC) series has become a highly established international meeting. Attracting scientists from all over the...more

Tuesday 05. August 2014
Category: Biology

New at the Faculty of Science: Prof. Frédéric Guillaume

Evolutionary geneticist Frédéric Guillaume is a SNSF professor and has started his research at the Faculty a couple of months ago. Guillaume comes from the French part of Switzerland, is an active member of a rowing club. He is...more

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