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MNF - Top News

MNF - Top News

Wednesday 26. August 2015
Category: Mathematics

Camillo De Lellis receives Caccioppoli prize

Camillo De Lellis was awarded this year's Caccioppoli prize. It is the most prestigious prize of the Unione matematica italiana and is awarded every four years to a mathematician of italian origin who is not older than 38 in...more

Tuesday 18. August 2015
Category: Allgemeines

UZH highest ranked University in continental Europe in Life Sciences

According to the Shanghai Ranking the University of Zurich ranks in Life and Agricultural Sciences on position 24  among the 200 best Universities worldwide, making UZH the highest ranked University in...more

Monday 10. August 2015
Category: Chemistry

Martin Jinek mit Vallee Young Investigator Award ausgezeichnet

Martin Jinek, Professor am Biochemischen Institut der Universität Zürich, hat den diesjährigen Vallee Young Investigator Award erhalten. Der internationale Preis zeichnet ausserordentliche Leistungen junger Forscherinnen und...more

Monday 10. August 2015
Category: Geography

Interdisciplinary cooperation to measure biodiversity from space

Conservation scientists should collaborate more with space agencies, such as NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA), on identifying measures to help track biodiversity declines around the world. That call is made by Prof. Dr....more

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