Major Study Program

You can choose between consecutive and specialized Master's study programs. The latter can also be completed as fast track programs. In most cases these programs are taught in English.

Major (Consecutive Master's Study Programs)

A Bachelor of Science from UZH or an equivalent degree in the same field of study entitles you to do a consecutive Master's study program. We offer a very wide range of study programs at Master's ("graduate studies") level:

  • Biochemistry
  • Biology with concentration in: Animal Behaviour, Anthropology, Cancer Biology, Ecology, Genetics and Development, Immunology, Microbiology, Molecular and Cellular Biology, Neurosciences, Paleontology, Plant Sciences, Quantitative Biology and Systems Biology, Systematics and Evolution, Virology
  • Biomedicine
  • Chemistry
  • Chemistry and Business Studies
  • Earth System Science
  • Geography with concentration in: General Geography (empfohlen für Studierende, die das Lehrdiplom für Maturitätsschulen erwerben möchten), Geographic Information Science and Systems, Human Geography, Physical Geography, Remote Sensing 
  • Mathematics
  • Physics

To gain a Master of Science UZH you generally need to earn 90 ECTS credits in your major study program. In the Earth System Sciences major study program you need to earn 120
ECTS credits.

Major (Specialized Master's Study Programs)

Specialized Master's study programs are only available at Master's level, not at Bachelor's level. Admission to specialized Master's study programs is subject to a written application. If you have questions on the technical or subject-related requirements for specific programs, please contact the academic advisor responsible. 

Specialized Master's study programs require 90 ECTS credits.

Download Specialized Master's Study Programs

You can download information sheets on the Faculty of Science's specialized Master's study programs here:

Fast Track Study Programs

Fast track study programs are geared to outstanding students striving for an academic career who want to start doing research for their PhD already while studying for their Master's degree. These study programs are subject to a special application and admission procedure. All specialized Master's study programs can also be pursued as a fast track study program.