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Faculty of Science


Aerial view of Irchel Campus and Irchel park with Zurich and the Swiss alps in the background.

Discover the fascinating world of mathematics and natural sciences at the Faculty of Science at the University of Zurich (UZH)!  

The Faculty of Science is the largest faculty for mathematics and natural sciences in Switzerland. It is also the second largest faculty at UZH in terms of the number of students. For years, we have been experiencing a very strong growth in student number with currently over 5'000 students, more than half of whom are female. Around 200 professors conduct research and teach at the 13 institutes of our faculty and the eight institutes shared with other faculties and ETHZ. Teaching at the Faculty of Science is coordinated by the six division: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Biology, Geography, Computational Sciences and Neuroinformatics.  

We strive to offer optimal working, research and learning conditions for our students and employees and are committed to find holistic and sustainable approaches to complex challenges in society and the environment. With this in mind, we consider our basic and applied research as well as the comprehensive education of our students and young scientists as our contribution to the scientific and societal progress. 

Our research and teaching take place mainly in the laboratories and lecture halls on the Irchel Campus UZH, as well as at numerous research stations around the world – from the shores of Lake Zurich to the vast expanses of the Mongolian steppe, the unique Galapagos Islands, the icy wilderness of Greenland and the dense rainforest of West Africa. Each place offers unique challenges and opportunities our researchers master with passion and curiosity. Only Antarctica remains unexplored by us for now - but who knows where our thirst for knowledge will take us. 

Our museums offer the opportunity to experience the world of mathematics and natural sciences at first hand. Dive into the exciting world of science by visiting the Botanical Garden, our museums, or the Science Pavilion UZH