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Students receive a transcript of records for each module they complete. This can include information on, for example, oral or written examinations, seminar papers or presentations. You'll find information about transcripts of records in the online course catalogue under the individual modules. Otherwise, your course lecturers will provide this information at the beginning of your course. Written examinations are normally held for the basic modules of all subjects.

If you fail in an exam you can either take your 2nd attempt at the retake date or you can book the module again in a later semester. You have 2 attempts to pass a module.

Registration for a repetition exam is done via the student portal. In the "Modules" app, select "Repetition exam registration". Note the registration deadline, which is Thursday of calendar week 32 (midnight) for both fall semester and spring semester modules. You can change your registrations at any time up to the registration deadline.

Exam periods:
- The examinations for the modules in the fall semester take place in calendar weeks (CW) 51 and 2 to 6.
- The relevant weeks for the spring semester modules are calendar weeks 22 to 28.
- There are no fixed examination periods for resit examinations, where they are offered. However, they usually take place in calendar weeks 35 to 37.

You can find information on written module examinations in the Faculty of Science examination timetable. Published each summer, the timetable lists the dates, times and rooms for the module examinations in the subsequent autumn and spring semesters as well as the resit examinations. 

Exam plan for the fall semester 2023 and the spring semester 2024 incl. resit exams (german only) (PDF, 179 KB)

Exam plan for the fall semester 2024 and the spring semester 2025 incl. resit exams (german only) (PDF, 179 KB)

Notes for online exams

According to the UZH admission regulations, students are required to have a suitable and functional device for completing online examinations on site (BYOD = "bring your own device"). There are no devices on loan from UZH. 
The device must have sufficient battery power to work for 2.5 to 3 hours without a power connection, as there are no power sockets in some lecture halls (recommendation: bring a power bank as a reserve if necessary).
Most online exams are conducted using a Safe Exam Browser (SEB). Information and the download link can be found here.

It is recommended that you obtain a suitable device at the start of your studies. Some of the first examinations take place during the semester (e.g. interim examinations).

Absence due to illness

If you are ill on the day of their examination, you have to submit a request for deregistration together with a doctor's certificate within five working days of the examination.

Since the autumn semester 2018, deregistration has been carried out via the student portal. Log in and select the My applications tile and then Deregistration from transcript of records. Follow the instructions, enter all the necessary information and upload your medical certificate or documents in PDF format (20 MB max.).

The student portal will also show when your application has been processed.

If you have been invited to take your examination directly by the institute concerned, e.g. an oral mathematics exam, please also inform the office that sent you the invitation. You can also do this by email.I

If you were ill on an initial exam date, you can take the exam on the retake date if one is offered. You can register in the student portal in the "Modules" app under "Registration for the retake exam". If you have duly deregistered on the initial examination date, this will of course not count as a failed attempt. The registration deadline for the retake date is always the Thursday in calendar week 32 (midnight). If you do not want to make up an exam on the retake date, you must re-book the corresponding module yourself the next time it is offered.

Rescheduling from initial to resit examination date

Students at Bachelor's level may postpone the examination for selected modules to the resit date if they have signed up for the relevant program in the autumn semester 2021 or later.

This information sheet (PDF, 48 KB) (in German only) explains whether you are entitled to do this. You have until the end of the cancellation period to apply for a postponement via the MNF Student Admin tool.

Exam postponement is offered to eligible students of the following modules:

Modules of the fall semester:
CHE 101 Grundlagen der Chemie, Teil 1
CHE 170 Grundlagen der Chemie für die Life Sciences
GEO 111 Physische Geographie I
MAT 111 Lineare Algebra I
MAT 121 Analysis I
MAT 141 Lineare Algebra für die Naturwissenschaften
MAT 182 Analysis für die Naturwissenschaften
PHY 311 Mechanik
PHY 312 Mathematische Methoden der Physik I
PHY 331 Quantenmechanik I

Modules of the spring semester:
CHE 102 Grundlagen der Chemie, Teil 2
CHE 172 Organische Chemie für die Life Sciences
GEO 121 Physische Geographie II
MAT 112 Lineare Algebra II
MAT 122 Analysis II
MAT 183 Stochastik für die Naturwissenschaften
MAT 184 Analysis für die Chemie
PHY 321 Elektrodynamik
PHY 322 Mathematische Methoden der Physik II