You complete each module with an assessment. This may involve, for example, an oral or written exam, a term paper or a presentation. Information on the assessments for individual modules can be found in the online course catalogue, or will be announced by the instructor responsible at the beginning of the course. Assessments for all basic level subjects generally involve written exams.

Exam periods:
Assessments and exams for Fall Semester modules take place in calendar weeks 51 and 2 to 6.
Assessments and exams for Spring Semester modules take place in calendar weeks 22 to 28.
- Repeat exams, if offered, are not tied to an exam period. However, they generally take place in calendar weeks 35 to 37.

You'll find information on written module exams in the exam schedule
Fall semester 2017, Spring semester 2018 incl. rep. exams (PDF, 172 KB)

Fall semester 2018, Spring semester 2019 incl. rep. exams (PDF, 174 KB)

Absence due to Illness
If illness prevents you from taking an exam, you must submit a doctor's note (original copy) to the Faculty of Science Student Affairs Office within 5 working days. You must also mention the module or modules to which it applies (e.g. Module BIO xxx). If you were invited directly by the department offering the exam, for example an oral mathematics exam, please also notify the office that sent the invitation. You can also do so by e-mail.
Under the regulations, you then have to take the exam on the repeat date, if offered. You will be informed accordingly in a letter sent out at the beginning of March (for Fall Semester module exams) or the second half of July (for Spring Semester exams). If illness prevents you from taking an exam on the repeat date, you have to book the module in question again the next time it is offered.