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Mathematisch-naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät

Learning about soil in the field. 50 years and still young, the story of a Technosol

12:30-13:30 Geographie, von Dr. Michael Rowley

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{Anmeldung beim Anmeldungsstand} Max. 20 Personen 

Bodenabschnitt mit einem Massstab

Soils are an important global resource, provisioning cultural services, supporting biodiversity, providing food for human populations, while filtering our water, and regulating greenhouse gas emissions. Join a soil scientist for a tour of our Campus’ soil profile where we will discuss the importance of soils and how to understand them in the field. The tour will be aimed at all ages and discuss the unique properties of soils. We will meet at the Blue Square and walk a short distance (10 mins; to the profile, before returning (max 20 persons per visit - in English).