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Faculty of Science

Mission Statement

The Faculty of Science is a leading research and teaching institution [1] at the international level in the fields of mathematics and science. As part of a comprehensive university, we establish, maintain and promote cooperation with the other faculties and disciplines at the University of Zurich. We actively foster national and international networks and support the transfer of innovations and discoveries developed by us into applications that are useful to society.

We achieve a high level of international recognition in our fundamental and applied research. We are among the world leaders in selected fields. We have the technical expertise to identify, implement, and successfully develop new and relevant research topics at an early stage.

At all levels of study, we place considerable emphasis on optimal guidance, interdisciplinarity, and the application of innovative teaching methods. New results from research are incorporated directly into our teaching. Our graduates are ready to assume positions of responsibility in society.

We recruit our researchers internationally and based solely on performance criteria. We strive for gender balance at all academic levels and promote family-friendly recruitment and employment conditions.

We foster transparent communication, both internally and externally.

We advance knowledge for the benefit of society. We share this knowledge and promote dialog with the wider public. We make a significant contribution in this regard via our museums and other public institutions.


Approved by the Faculty Assembly on 7 October 2010.


Guiding principles of the UZH Faculty of Science (MNF) (Currently only available in German) (PDF, 19 KB)

[1] The Faculty of Science is a faculty of UZH and is guided by its mission statement.