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What should I bear in mind when enrolling for the semester?

Semester enrolment takes place in the second half of May for the following autumn semester and in the second half of November for the following spring semester. You must select a major and minor programme combination representing a total of 180 ECTS credits (e.g. major 120 + minor 30 + minor 30, or mono 180), especially for the new study programmes using the major/minor system. You can change the combination of programmes each time you enrol for another semester. However, you must have finalised your subject enrolment (i.e. the combination of major and minor programmes for which you have enrolled) in the semester in which you intend to graduate. Unless you done this, you will not be able to complete your degree and will have to contact the University Student Administration Office to have this corrected. This can lead to delays and, in the worst case, could extend your studies by one semester. If you do not want to alter your enrolment or programme combination for a particular semester, it is not necessary to actively enrol for that semester.

Please note also that your academic achievements in a minor programme at another faculty, especially the Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics, will only be credited to the minor programme if you have enrolled in a related subject. For minor programmes at other faculties, their regulations apply.

We recommend that you enrol for the semester and settle the invoice for the semester fees as soon as possible. If you delay, you risk not being able to book modules when the booking period begins or ends.

Recognition of previous achievements

If you have previously studied at another university and earned ECTS, you can submit a request for credit transfer. Credits will not be transferred automatically. The request must be submitted in writing to the Office of the Dean of Studies of the MNF and you must enclose complete and gap-free certificates of achievement and, if applicable, descriptions of the contents of lectures. You can submit the request as soon as you have finished with your enrollment at the University. The application must be submitted within the first semester of study. No credits can be recognized after this time. Please note: We will always look at all of your achievements, positive and negative. It is therefore possible that a credit will not only be given positively, but that, depending on the case, failed attempts will also be credited and taken over. If this is the case for you, you can choose not to receive credits and start from scratch at MNF. For students coming from ETH Zurich, the partial examinations of the basic examinations are taken into account and failed attempts may be relevant even though the basic examination was passed overall.

How do I switch from a Bachelor's to a Master's degree programme?

Since enrolment for the following semester takes place before the results of the modules for the current semester are released, you must use your own judgement to decide whether or not you will complete the Bachelor degree in the current semester.

If you are confident that you will be awarded sufficient ECTS credits, you can enrol for the Master's programme for the following semester by changing your programme when you enrol online for the next semester. If you are unsure, it is better to enrol on the Bachelor's programme for the next semester. You do not need to worry about any negative consequences. If you do not manage to complete your Bachelor's degree or if completion is not entered in your file by the end of the fourth week of the following semester, the Student Administration Office will automatically reallocate you to the Bachelor's degree programme. Alternatively, if you are still enrolled as a Bachelor student but have completed all the requirements for your degree, you can continue studying normally and start work on the modules of the Master's programme. You are allowed to transfer up to 30 ECTS credits from your Bachelor's programme to your Master's programme if these are relevant to the Master's programme and are not required for your Bachelor's degree. In any event, you can only start work on your Master's thesis when you have obtained your Bachelor's degree.

How do I apply to graduate?

You can apply to graduate via the StudentAdmin tool.

.Application is possible at any time as long as the necessary academic history has been entered in your online university transcript.

The Faculty of Science's studies committee approves applications to graduate on the first working day of each month. The approval date is stated on the graduation documents. Applications must be received at least one week prior to approval if they are to be listed in the agenda for the next meeting. If you are completing a non-faculty minor programme, the deadline is two weeks before the next approval.

If you do not intend to carry on studying at UZH after completing your Bachelor's or Master's degree, you do not need to enrol for the following semester as long as you have completed your academic requirements for graduation, including submission of your Master's thesis and the Master's examination, before the start of the following semester's lecture period. If you cannot meet this deadline, you will have to enrol for another semester. Once your graduation application has been processed, you will automatically receive a provisional confirmation. It could take several weeks for your graduation documents to arrive, depending on when you submitted your application.

When do module exams and resits take place?

Examinations for autumn semester modules take place in calendar weeks (CW) 51 and 2 to 6. Examinations for spring semester modules take place in calendar weeks 22 to 28. There are no specific times for the resit examinations. However, they usually take place in calendar weeks 35, 36 and 37.

The examination timetable with the dates of the written examinations for the basic study modules of all study programmes can be found under Exams.

The examination timetable is published in early summer for the following two semesters, including the resit examinations.

You can find information on examinations/credits for modules in the later semesters in the online course catalogue or on the website of the department running the course. Otherwise, they will be announced at the beginning of the course by the lecturers responsible for the module.

Examinations on modules from other faculties of the University are subject to their examination periods, which may not be the same as those of the Faculty of Science. This also applies to examinations on ETH course units whose examination sessions take place in January/February and August. To avoid clashes, please be aware of the examination dates of the modules you have booked. This is especially relevant if you intend to take modules from different academic years in the same semester.

Where can I find the deadlines for booking modules?

Module booking for the autumn semester begins around the second week of August. You can book modules for the spring semester from the second week in January. The exact dates on which you can enrol or cancel your enrolment are stated in the online course catalogue for each module.

For normal, full-semester courses, the final date upon which you can enrol is usually the Sunday of the third week of the lecture period. You can cancel enrolment up to the Sunday of the tenth week of your course. Special deadlines apply for other modules. Please note: some modules have an early enrolment deadline of the Sunday one week before the start of the course. Be sure to check the online course catalogue well in advance for the exact dates for enrolling and cancelling your enrolment for the modules you wish to attend.and write the exam. The published deadlines for enrolment and cancellation of enrolment are binding.

The deadlines for booking Biology block courses can be found on the Biology homepage.

For modules that cannot be booked online, you will find information in the online course catalogue about how and where to enrol.

I cannot take an exam due to illness. What should I do?

If a student is ill on the day of their examination, they should submit a request for deregistration together with a doctor's certificate within five working days of the examination.

Since the autumn semester 2018, deregistration has been carried out via the student portal. Log in and select the My applications tile and then Deregistration from transcript of records. Follow the instructions, enter all the necessary information and upload your medical certificate or documents in PDF format (max. 20 MB).

The student portal will also show when your application has been processed.

If you have been invited to take your examination directly by the institute concerned, e.g. an oral mathematics exam, please also inform the office that sent you the invitation. You can also do this by email.

If you are ill the first time you are due to take an examination, you will be allowed to attend the resit exam, if resits are offered. You must register to do this. You will then receive a notification and a registration form. Notifications are sent out at the beginning of March for the autumn semester module examinations and in the second half of July for the spring semester module examinations. If you do not wish to retake an exam on the resit date, you must re-book that particular module yourself the next time it is offered.


When will I receive my transcript of records?

The transcripts of records for students of the Faculty of Science are produced in the third week of March and in the third week of October approximately. They are then made available via the student portal. These dates have been chosen to enable the results of the module examinations to be included in the Faculty of Science students' transcripts of records. The transcripts of records of students from other faculties are sometimes produced earlier. It is therefore possible that the results of Faculty of Science modules are missing from the transcript of records. In this event, please contact the Office of Student Affairs only if your results have not appeared in your online transcript of records by the end of March or October. If you see that your results are missing from your online transcript of records, they will be available on the next transcript of records.

I would like to attend an event at ETH Zurich

If you want or need to attend course units at ETH Zurich, you must enrol at ETH as a student of the subject. You can do this online at Enrolment is valid for one semester. You will then be able to access the ETH system, attend course units and register for examinations. Students who have booked block biology courses via the joint UZH/ETHZ system must also enrol at ETH once the courses have been finalised, and then attend these courses online. Enrolment is free of charge for students of the University of Zurich. Deadline for enrolment is the end of the second week of the lecture period. You will find further information on the ETH website at

If you have been duly enrolled as a subject student with ETH Zurich, the results of the course units you have taken there will be sent to the University of Zurich automatically. Once the grades have been sent to ETH, it will take a few days for the results to appear in your online academic records.

I would like to attend a course at the university's language centre and ETH Zurich

Credits from language courses at the Language Centre can usually be credited to optional subjects of the Bachelor's and Master's programmes. The number of ECTS credits varies from one subject to the next. You will find the relevant information in the subject guides. Your subject advisors will also be able to provide you with this information.

To have your language courses credited, please hand in a copy of the Language Centre certificate at the counter of the Office of Student Affairs or send it in by post. Please state your matriculation number on the copy. Starting in May 2016, your language course grades are credited automatically and should appear in your online performance overview within a few days. You therefore no longer need to submit a copy of the course confirmation to the Office of Student Affairs at the Faculty of Science.

Studying and the military

We have produced a leaflet containing general information on how to combine your studies with your military service - see Studying and Military Service. If you are called up for a refresher course during the lecture period or if the refresher course coincides with examinations or examination preparation, you can ask for your military service to be postponed. You will find information on how to do this on the information sheet. The procedure for community service is similar, except that no standard form is available. You will therefore have to submit your own request in writing and then proceed as explained in the information sheet.