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Faculty of Science

Bachelor's Programs

To complete a Bachelor's degree you need to obtain a total of 180 ECTS credits (see “ECTS credits"). At the Bachelor's level, the Faculty of Science offers the option of a single study program (mono programme) or a combination of programs (major/minor system). The major and minor system allows you to combine a major program with a minor program that will be listed on your Bachelor's degree. Within the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, you can usually study combinations without having to extend the normal study period of thee years or six semesters.

You have the following choices::

  • Mono program comprising 180 ECTS credits
  • Major program (150 ECTS credits) with a minor program (30 ECTS credits)
  • Major program (120 ECTS credits) with a minor program (60 ECTS credits)

Most Bachelor degree program can be taken as a mono degree program (180 ECTS credits) or as a major degree program with 150 or 120 ECTS credits. Study programs in biochemistry, earth system sciences and industrial chemistry can only be studied as mono programs, and additionally, biomedicine with 150 ECTS credits. When enrolling for a degree program, you enrol either for a mono program or for a combination of programs. You may, however, change your decision during your first year of study, since the curricula of the major study programmes are identical in the first year and the minor study program is usually not begun until the third semester. You can change the combination of programs yourself when you enrol at the beginning of each semester. However, you must have finalised your combination by the final semester at the latest. Please note also that, if you take a minor program with another faculty – particularly with the Faculty of Economic Sciences – you will only be credited for minor program modules if you have enrolled in the associated minor study program.

Bachelor's Programs (Mono, Major 150 und Major 120)

Documents available in german only. 

Biochemistry (PDF, 1 MB) (Mono) 1 Chemistry and Business Studies (PDF, 1 MB) (Mono)
Biodiversity (PDF, 2 MB) (Mono, Major 150 and 120) Earth Systems Science (PDF, 2 MB) (Mono)
Biology (PDF, 1 MB) (Mono, Major 150 and 120) Geography (PDF, 2 MB) (Mono, Major 150 and 120)
Biomedicine (PDF, 1 MB) (Mono, Major 150) Mathematics (PDF, 1 MB) (Mono, Major 150 and 120)
Chemistry (PDF, 1 MB) (Mono, Major 150 und 120) Physics (PDF, 2 MB) (Mono, Major 150, Major 120)

1 Biomolecular or Chemical Track