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Faculty of Science

Research Programs

University Research Priority Programs

With its University Research Priority Programs (URPPs), the UZH strengthens and promotes excellent scientific fields, connects researchers, and supports qualified young researchers. The focus of this research funding, which is awarded every eight years, is on socially relevant areas. Our faculty currently (April 2023) has the lead for four URPPs:

In addition to these URPPs, researchers from our faculty are involved in additional URPPs led by other faculties. These are Translational Cancer Research, Language and Space, Dynamics of Healthy Aging, Human Reproduction and Innovative Therapies in Rare Diseases (ITINERARE)

National Centres of Competence in Research

National Centres of Competence in Research (NCCRs) are lighthouses of research in Switzerland. Here, the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) funds long-term research projects on topics of strategic importance.  

The UZH is the leading house for the NCCR Evolving Language, with prominent participation by the Faculty of Science. This multidisciplinary research priority program has set itself the task of researching language in all its aspects – from evolution, production and processing to change through digital means of communication. Researchers of the Faculty of Science are and have been involved in numerous other NCCRs