MNF Gender Equality

We believe diversity ensures innovation, critical reflection, and adaptability.

We are committed to quality and fairness through:

  • faculty-wide awareness-raising on unconscious bias
  • hiring practices which ensure equality of opportunity and equal treatment of all candidates
  • active monitoring of data related to gender equality


Mission statement gender equality at MNF

The Faculty of Science (MNF) at the University of Zurich (UZH) recognizes the value of gender equality and diversity among its academic and non-academic staff and works actively to implement the Code of Conduct Gender Policy UZH. Important contributions to the aims of a successful university can be made regardless of gender, nationality, age, religion, sexual orientation or gender identity. To support each individual in reaching their full potential, the MNF strives to prevent any form of discrimination, to eliminate any biases (be they conscious or unconscious) and to provide family-friendly working conditions. As part of the work towards gender equality and diversity, the MNF will continuously monitor, evaluate and publish the impact of policies on recruitment and career development.